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Sourdough flakes

Easy way to your own sourdough.

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Here is how you do it:
Put the contents of the bag in a glass. Pour 50 g 28-30 c hot water in the glass. Leave it to infuse for 60 minutes.

Stir and add 20 g fine wheat flour and 20 g coarse rye flour. Stir again and leave the sourdough at a warm spot and with the lid ajar for approx. 24 hours.
The sourdough will show activity in the form of rising and air bubbles.

Day 2:
Feed again. Add 50 g sourdough (discard the rest), 50 g 28-30 c warm water and 60 g fine wheat flour. Stir together. Let the sourdough at a warm spot with the lid ajar for 8-16 hours. It will rise to double and show good activity.

Net weight 30 g (50% cooking waste) 
Ingredients: Wheat flour sifted (Organic), Wheat Flour Whole Grain (Organic), Water.
Nutritional content per 100 g dry mixture: Energy 766 kJ / 183 kcal. Fat 1.03 g: of which saturated fatty acids 0.12 g. Carbohydrate 35.9 g: of which sugars 0.32 g. Dietary fiber 2.88. Protein 5.6 g.

Potential allergens: Gluten

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How To Sourdough flakes

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